ideazione format: Lara Nadine Grasso - fotografia e montaggio: Giorgio Galieti - Produzione: doctor movie produzioni

Nuova web serie musicale: l'altro modo di vedere gli artisti!

​GARAGE & ROLL - underground music - is a web music format that through a series of month batches, with interviews, live sessions and music columns, wants to shed light on the underground music and create a garage mapping, garages and wineries still in fervor today.

The channel wants to be an open space for emerging, free and independent music and document the underground music reality and its protagonists by showing it the most intimate and confidential side; Value projects and productions still in "shadow" and point the spotlight on artists and everything that happens in the "underground" of our cities. G & R wants to revalorise the garage as a place and space for excellence since the time, artistic creation and gathering place to cultivate ideas and talents, and revaluate the bands because we believe that music is a powerful means of inclusion, cohesion and social participation.

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